Back and Neck Pain Relief – After the Auto Accident

After the Auto Accident: Neck Pain Relief from a Memphis Chiropractor

Can chiropractic adjustment from a Chiropractor in Memphis help relieve back pain and neck pain?

[AHC Physicians is not a Chiropractic Clinic. AHC Physicians is an Auto Injury Specialty Clinic that is home to auto injury medical doctors, auto injury nurses, and an in-house Memphis Chiropractor.]

Neck Pain Relief - Auto Accident Injury

Chiropractic adjustment, also called spinal manipulation, from an Auto Injury Chiropractor in Memphis, is an alternative and therapeutic method for treating neck and back pain. The adjustment is in reference to vertebrae manipulation which doesn’t function properly. The whole purpose is to minimize subluxation, enhance motion range and minimize nerve problems.

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After an Auto Accident: Chiropractic Neck Adjustments for Neck Pain Relief

There are several techniques that may be used, one of which is cervical mobilization, wherein you are lying on your back relaxed. Your Memphis chiropractor moves the neck vertebra left to right and right to left, alternating between a figure 8 and a side to side movement. These are applied at different degrees, with your head moving side to side, forward and backward and in rotation.

The stretch is non-thrusting and smooth, with the objective of reducing the areas where movement and motion are limited by cervical spinal segments. An oscillatory motion using the hands is often used as well while the cervical spine mobilization is being done.

Another method used is cervical manual traction: here you sit or lie down facing up or in a few cases, lying on your stomach. What the chiropractor does is pull on your neck gently, stretching the cervical spine while changing the extension (backward) and flexion (forward) angle.
These adjustments are made according to your comfort level and trying to find the right angle to most effectively minimize the tightness, causing neck pain. This method is often used with mobilization and switches between the two are done on a regular basis.

Cervical mobilization is another technique wherein the patient lies down on their stomach or their side. The patient lies down on a specially designed table with the head drop component set or locked in place. The chiropractor then puts his or her finger on hand on the area of your spine that needs adjustment. A non-thrust gradual pressure is applied downward, or a low amplitude, medium to high velocity thrust is applied until the head piece or drop section is released and falls some distance.

The objective of this is to minimize the restricted motion or fixation of your cervical vertebra with the help of the table. There is no twisting or rotation of the neck or head like in typical chiropractic treatments, and the usual joint cavitation may not be happen here.
People who have suffered from neck pain caused by an auto injury or car accident at any point in their lifetime understand the meaning of agonizing, sometimes life altering, pain. Neck pain makes the movement of the neck difficult and sometimes debilitating.

After a Car Accident: Chiropractic Treatment of Back Pain for Back Pain Relief

Chiropractor Near Me - Back Pain and Neck Pain Relief

Chiropractic treatment for back pain involves manual manipulation of the spine. The movement is high-velocity with the lever arm applied on the target vertebra with the objective being to reduce nerve irritability, restore the normal range of motion or increase it and improve functionality. This process is widely known as adjusting. This method is well known and widely practiced as there is substantial evidence to support the belief that chiropractic treatment can alleviate back pain. While there are a lot of ways to treat back pain discomfort, medical experts now recommend that chiropractic manipulation be included as it is very effective and has no major side effects.

Chiropractic mobilization is another method used, and just like with the chiropractic neck pain treatment it involves low velocity stretching, movement and manipulation of the joints and muscles. The objective of the whole exercise is to expand your range of motion without causing any discomfort.

The efficiency of chiropractic treatment for the lower back is at its optimum level when the sessions are complete and it is applied to relieve lower back pain. Aside from neck pain, the technique works for the lumbar herniated disc. The use of the aforementioned technique is also effective for non-specific chronic low back pain discomfort, both short and long term.

As you can see, there many types of chiropractic adjusting options, but generally speaking it works the same way. A short lever arm at high velocity is placed on the vertebra followed by a joint cavitation release caused by carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen, and this in turn produces the joint pressure.

Following chiropractic treatment on your neck or back, there is a feeling of pain relief, although in some cases there is a minor feeling of tension, especially if you tense up during the process. However this is only temporary and after a while your body is going to feel much better, in particular the area that was treated.

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